Congratulations to the 2002 Talent Quest 1st Place

DJ Hale - Male
Heather Leslie - Female
Duets - Tim Parker And Marco Espitia
1st Place - DJ Hale (261)
Alamogordo, New Mexico

2nd Place - Tony Johnson (254)
Lompoc, CA

3rd Place - Algia Motley (253)
Tinton Falls, NJ

4th Place - Satin (242)
San Diego, CA

5th Place - Chris Taylor (220)
Syracuse, NY
2002 Winners and scores
The following Talent Quest 2002 winners are listed in
their finishing order along with their hometowns.
Next to each winner's name in parenthesis are their final scores (out of 300).
1st Place - Heather Leslie (268)
Las Vegas, NV

2nd Place - Nikki Feroni (249)
Syracuse, NY

3rd Place - Jenn Lynn (246)
San Jose, CA

4th Place - June Baxendale (219)
Port Charlotte, L

5th Place - Sarah Priedo (210)
San Francisco, CA

1st Place - Tim Parker And
Marco Espitia (267)
Prescott, AZ

2nd Place - Shamaurie
Lewis And David Hayes
Tacoma, WA

3rd Place - Danielle
Dedonno And Algia Motley
Red Bank, NJ

4th Place - Jessica Kenney
And Kristy Stiles (231)
Oklahoma City, OK

5th Place - Joe George And
Jason Kirkman (216)
Martinez, GA

6th Place - Charma Tesh
And Burneal Fick (189)
Chicago, IL
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