2014 Winners
Country Female

1st.   Ally Wilcox               UT      
2nd.  Cheryl Roberts      KY
3rd.   Pam DelFranco      NJ
4th.   Annie Rhee            OK
5th.   Rosemary Galan    CA
Country Male

1st.   Paul Lopez              TX
2nd.  Patrick Cole            PA
3rd.  Clint Gunter            NV
4th.  Anthony Penrose   UT
5th.  Gordon Wilson        UT
Pop Female

1st.   Pam DelFranco         NJ     
2nd.  Cienna Wesley         FL
3rd.   Jessie Taylor           SC
4th.   Ashleigh Moon     Australia
5th.   Josie Borowski        WI
Pop Male

3rd. Jeremiah Pagan   FL.
4th. Ken Clemmons     TX.
2nd. Layne Dansie       UT.
5th. Randall Gray         CA.
1st. Robert Bell            TX.
Masters Female

1st.   Candy Tippets             UT
2nd.  Toni Lynne               Canada
3rd.   Sherry West            Canada
4th.   Josie Borowski           WI
5th.   Crysandra Chatman    FL
Masters Male

1st.  Jim Price                CA
2nd. Tony Parker           UT
3rd.  Mike Johnson       Canada
4th.  Kevin Miller            CA
5th.  John Castanien     CA
2014 Venue of the Year
      Neil's Lounge
         Indio, CA.
2014 Entertainer of The Year
        Josie Borowski
                        Crafton, WI.
     1st Place Duet Contestants
          Kevin Miller  CA.
           Max Shultz    CA.
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