2015 Winners
Female Masters                        Female Country                        Female Pop/Rock
Pam Del Franco
Edison, NJ.
Mikalene Ipson
St. George, UT.
Jenny Rader
Oklahoma City, OK.
Male Masters                            Male Country                             Male Pop/Rock
Anthony Parker
Kerns, UT.
Gordon Wilson
Ammon, ID
Mack Esteban
Honolulu, HI.
Final Night Top 5 Contestants in Each Category
Country Female
Country Male
3rd  Rosemary Galan     CA.
1st  Mikalene Ipson      UT.
4th  Mandy Clayton      UT.
5th  Holly Durham        CA.
2nd  Toni Richards      FL.
5th  Robert Bell          TX.
4th  Curtis Kaanapu    OK.
1st  Gordon Wilson      UT.
2nd  Mack Esteban     HI
3rd  Kent Trolson        UT.
Pop Female
Pop Male
1st  Jenny Rader      OK.
2nd Jamie Stirland      UT.
5th  Alina Zayas      CA.
4th Janel Akana      HI.
3rd  Ally Wilcox      UT.
5th  Michael Acton      TN.
2nd  Vigil Continas      HI.
1st  Mack Esteban      HI.
3rd  Carleton Bluford    UT.
4th  Tim Marchetto      PA.
Female Masters
Male Masters
5th  Holly Durham      CA.
4th  Teresa Bonilla      CA.
3rd  Sherry West   Canada
2nd  Maria Dorr         MN.
1st Pam Del Franco      NJ.
5th  Cantie Brevard      FL.
1st  Anthony Parker      UT.
2nd  Billy Duvall Jr.      KY.
3rd  Mark Zetterberg      CA.
4th  Mac Macalino      HI.
2015 Venue of the Year
Bonneville Brewery
West Jordan, UTAH
Adams / Luker Award

Dianna Pitcher
Murietta, CA.
1st Place (L/R)
Pam Del Franco & Ally Wilcox
2nd Place ( L/R)
Nicole Rasmus & Tim Marchetto
Talent Quest International Karaoke Contest
Hall Of Fame
Inductee's 2015
Bill Keller
Owner of Talent Quest
Roy & Christine Hollis
back at the beginning in 2000. He has won every male
category and with his duet partner Tony Johnson they
have won the Duet competition 3 times. Roy retired
from competition and has been a judge at Talent
Quest since retiring. His wife Christine has been his
Roy  was one of two original contestants that started
favorite fan and supporter through out and is now
part of the Talent Quest administration crew.
Kevin & Sharon
Kevin is one of only two contestants that
has been a part of Talent Quest since it's
inaugural year in 2000. He just celebrated
his 15th year competing in the contest.  
Kevin and his wife Sharon are huge
supporters of Talent Quest and when he is
not singing you will see the both of them
cheering every else on all day long.

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