Talent Quest National Karaoke Singing Contest
PO Box 94816, Oklahoma City, OK 73143
P: (405) 672-1136         F: (405) 672-1203
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Local Venue's
Mid-Level Venue
Talent Quest National Karaoke Contest is starting our
14th Season. If you know of any Venue in your area that
would like to come on board for the 2014 Season, please
have them contact us at the address below.
               Rush Upstairs
         109 Northside Square
               Huntsville, AL.

: 02/13/14
Ends: 05/27/14
Finals: 06/12/14

Sign Up: 9pm
Contest: 9:30pm

Contact: Talentquest Alabama
      Madison Station Bar & Grill
           8694 Madison Blvd.
               Madison, AL.

: 3/11/14
Ends: 5/13/14
Finals: POP- 06/17/14
        Country- 06/24/14

Contest Sign Up time is 8:45

Jim McGriff
            Ms. Kelli's Karaoke Bar
              207 Printer's Alley
                Nashville, TN.

Contest Date

Regionals will be held July 20/2014


TalentQuest Alabama