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What are your judges looking for ?

Talent Quest National Karaoke Contest is not just a
singing contest. Our contest encompasses three specific
categories of judging. They are Vocal, Stage and Dress

Contestants are judged on three major factors:

Vocal Performance:
Intonation and pitch, strength and range of voice. How accurately does the singer
stay in time with the music and their background vocals. Diction and annunciation of
the words they are singing ( can everyone understand what you are saying). Mic
control( are you using the mic properly? Do you adjust placement of the microphone
to eliminate distortion and regulate your vocal volume). Breathe Control ( are you
holding your notes long enough, do you have enough air to finish your notes etc.)

Judges are looking at everything from, if your outfit matches your song. Are your
outfits clean and pressed or ironed. Did you add something to your outfit to sparkle it
up . Is your outfit appropriate for all viewing ages.

Stage Presence:
Facial expression and body gestures. Confidence and relaxation on stage?
Command of the audience. Engaging the audience, command of your stage during
the performance.

What makes your judges so special?

Our judges come from many different aspects of the arts and entertainment world.
We have former vocal coaches, singers, writers and artists on our diverse panel.
They are all professionals and they all know what sells.