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Talent Quest
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Talent Quest International Karaoke
Anniversary season Sept. 12th -
Sept.18th in Laughlin, Nevada. Singers
from the U.S. , Canada, Australia,
Jamaica and Finland attended this
years International Finals. We continue
to grow and are excited about the
opportunities ahead. The Talent Quest
International Karaoke Contest will start
it's 18th Season in January of 2018.
Please go to our webpage at
www.talentquest.org and click locations
to see what is in your area. As clubs
come on board we add them to this
section. Also go to Face Book and like
Talent Quest International Karaoke
Contest for more information and our
fan/chat group at " The Official Talent
Quest Group Page" . This group page
has a lot of information on it as well.


Allan MacDonald
Denise Franklin