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2018 Venue of the Year Award
Carol & Forrest Baker wedding Sept 23, 2010
in Laughlin Nevada at the Tropicana Hotel for the 2010 Talent Quest National Karaoke Contest
Carol advised, "It was especially a grand wedding due to the fact that my dear friends Marilyon & Scott sang
"Unchained Melody" for us,  Tim Brown who is one of the owners of Talent Quest gave me away, Krystal (our adopted
daughter) was my maid of honor, "Cathy" the Queen of Karaoke and KJ's,  and so many other people who I care so
hundreds of contestants and hotel employees. So much fun!!!! I could not ask for more......"

Thank you all so very much for being part of our special day...
Carol & Forrest Baker
Digitrax Studios are our world-class recording facilities, nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains, and
dedicated to the personal service you require to make the most of your recording experience.
DigiTrax Studios will still honor the Chartbuster Session Certificate. However, the pricing has
The way the sessions worked before were as follows:

We let you use 10 tracks and give you 8 hours Studio time.
You still had to purchase 50 CDs for $230 and had to pay the engineer fee of $160.00
The total cost was $390 plus shipping.

DigiTrax Recording Studios Certificates are as follows:
The upfront cost is $500.00 with that you receive the following:

1.       8 hours of Studio Time
2.       The use of 10 Tracks
3.       Engineer is included
4.       Master CD to take with you
5.       We will design artwork for you
6.       We will also design a download card for your project.

If you want us to print your cards for you it will be an additional charge of $49.95 for 500

If you would still like CDs that is ok too. The cost for 50 is $200.00. You can order these in
increments of 50.

Without the Certificate we have two packages our Gold Package is $500 and the platinum is

If you have any other questions please let me know.

Changes for the 2020 Contest Season

The in house duet competition at the Nationals this year will now be charging $25 per Duet to enter. All entry
money will go into the Duet pot and be split by the Top 3 winners in the Duet category. The spilt will be  
60/30/10. The 1st place Team will receive a Trophy, sponsored prize from Voco Pro, cash and will perform
on the Final Night Show. The 2nd place team will receive a Trophy, cash and will perform on the Final Night
Show. The 3rd place team will receive cash.
Digitrax/Karaoke Cloud will be the ONLY online Karaoke source that we will allow contestants to use
music from at the National Karaoke Contest.
Digitrax/Karaoke Cloud has given Talent Quest National
Karaoke Contest permission to allow our contests to do 1 media shift per song from their downloaded
music purchased from
Digitrax/Karaoke Cloud to a burned CD. All Media shifted songs MUST be
accompanied by a bill of sale from
Digitrax/Karaoke Cloud proving you bought that song from them and
must be with your CD when presented to the host's of Talent Quest for play.
All other CDG's used MUST be purchased from a Legal Karaoke Company Licensed to sell in the United
Nic Nak Entertainment

Nichol Kastor

Englewood, Florida