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Using "illegally burned" discs is a serious copyright infringement and is
against the law.

No recording devices, such as cameras, video cameras or cell phone
will be allowed in the Pavilion Showroom during the week of competition.
All contestant performances will be available for purchase after each performance
Rules and Regulations INTERNATIONAL LEVEL – 2019

International level rules are the same as local and regional rules except for the following:
1.        Contestants from prior TALENT QUEST national contests are eligible to enter the 2020 contest at any level, with exception         
of the 201
9 1st place winners who must sit out for one year in the category they won.

2.        A contestant who wins in their category at the National Level, Must sit out the category they won for one year , but is still eligible
to compete in other categories.

4.        All notices, rule changes, contestant advancements or other pertinent information will be posted on a bulletin board located  
near or inside the Pavilion Showroom.

5.        Each contestant is responsible for providing their own discs for competition. There will be a song library available for  
contestant use during contest rounds. It is contestant’s responsibility for writing the correct number/track down for your song
selection. If incorrect information is written on your song card points will be deducted from your score. Points deducted will not
exceed 3 points per judge.

6.        All contestants will sing in two preliminary rounds. No contestants will be eliminated until Friday. First preliminary round will  be
Monday and Tuesday. Second preliminary round will be Wednesday and Thursday. At or about 3am on Friday the numbers of 20
male, 20 female contestants advancing from each of the 6 categories will be posted. These 120 contestants will compete in the
Friday quarter-final round. Times for each round will be posted on a bulletin board located outside the Pavillion  Showroom or on
door of these establishments.

7.        All contestants will have their individual scores from rounds one and two added together to determine which contestants  
advance to the Semi Finals round Friday, if there is a tie for 20th place tie breaker will be determined by vocal scores.

8.     The scores from round 1, round 2
, round 3 and round 4 will be totalled to get the Top 5 scores that will move on to the Final
round on Saturday

10.        Contestants must be ready in the back, 3 singers before they are to perform. It is the singers responsibility to follow the  
program and know when they are up.

11.        Contestants must use different songs for each of the rounds (Preliminary rounds 1 &2,
quarter finals, semi-finals & finals).  
For a total of 4 songs if advancing to the final night.

12.        Contestants may perform the same song as another contestant in any round.

13.        At times contestants will not appear at their prescribed time to perform, thus eliminating them from that round of  competition.
When this occurs it speeds up the contest process, thus changing the order of appearance time for contestants due to compete. It is
the contestant's responsibility to be present when his or her number is called for competition regardless of the estimated and posted
start time. Contestants who do not appear when their number is called will receive a zero for that round of competition. It is
suggested that contestants be in the showroom 30 minutes prior to your posted competition time. Contestants must have their song
and disc turned into TALENT QUEST emcee's three songs prior to their performance.

14.        Each contestant is required to sign an eligibility/waiver of liability/registration form. Contestants not doing so will not be  
allowed to advance to the national finals.
15.        The order of contestant appearance will be done by random drawing prior to being posted at the Pavillion Showroom.  
Contestants will be grouped into their respective categories for all judged events.

16.        Fairness is the main objective in this contest. To that end the contestants name and/or number will be the only identifying  
marker used during the competition. Area, town or location of the competing contestant will not be announced. The exception to this
rule will be when making the presentation of awards on finals night.

17.        Songs used by contestants in the two preliminary rounds are limited to 4 1/2 minutes. Songs continuing beyond the 4 1/2
minute  mark will be cut at the 4 1/2 minute mark. Judges will be instructed not to make any deductions due to a song being cut
short. Contestants continuing to sing after the time limit and music stoppage will have points deducted from their scores. Deducted
points not to exceed 3 points per judge.

18.        Songs used by contestants in the
quarter final rounds are limited to 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Remainder of rule 17 applies.

19.        Songs used by contestants in the semi-final round are limited to 4 minutes and 30 seconds. Remainder of rule 17 applies.

20.        Songs used by contestants in the final round are limited to 5 minutes. Remainder of rule 17 applies.

21.        Upon completion of performances in preliminary, quarter finals, semi-final and finals rounds the contestant is given a brief  
moment to bow and take audience applause, then must immediately exit the stage and take along any props used by the contestant.
to exceed 3 points per judge.

22.        Contestants must sing from a legally manufactured Karaoke CDG’s. The CDG's must be manufactured and sold on the  
retail market. Some discs, such as Priddis/ProSound, Pocket Songs,  etc., that are void of graphics, are allowed. No illegal
downloaded discs are allowed. Downloads from Priddis/ProSound, AllStar Karaoke & Karaoke Cloud may be used at the
International finals as long as the contestant has the original receipt of purchase with them. No laser discs or tapes are allowed.  No
downloaded discs will be allowed in the Event Center lounge.
23.        Using "illegally burned" or “pirated” discs is a serious copyright infringement and is against the law. Contestants found to be  
using "illegally burned" or "pirated" discs at any time during any portion of the competition will be immediately disqualified from
advancing in the competition. No Exceptions. This includes open-Mic performances in the  Lounge.

24.        Reasonable care is taken by TALENT QUEST, its sponsors, representatives and the Tro[icana Laughlin  to provide adequate
equipment for contestants. All contestants will be required to sign an affidavit holding TALENT QUEST, any of its sponsors,
representatives, or the Tropicana laughlin harmless should any problem occur as a result of malfunctioning equipment or disc
failure during competition.

25.        Due to time constraints, a disc that fails to play, skips in mid-performance, or has any other malfunction does not give the  
contestant the right to start over or use a different disc during rounds one and two or semi-final round. The cause of malfunction may
or may not be taken into consideration for allowing a contestant to continue. A contestant who has performed a portion of their song
prior to any malfunction may or may not have their performance cut short. In the case of such action the judges will be instructed to
judge the contestant as though the contestant completed the song.

26.        Contestants, their family members or associates are not allowed to have any contact with any judge during the contest  
performance periods. Judges on break during a contest period are treated as though they are still judging the contest. Offering
bribes of any nature to a judge to help advance a contestant is strictly prohibited. Contestants, do not hang out with the judges, don't
drink with them, and don't eat with them. It is okay to say hello when passing them in the hall but, there is no reason for you to
develop any kind of relationship with them.

27.        Decisions of the judges are final.

28.        Any contestant, family member or associates who argue the decision of the judges may be considered unruly and the  
contestant may be disqualified from advancing in competition. Should the argument concerning the judged outcome of a final event,
and the contestant be awarded a prize that contestant may be stripped of the prize and such prize awarded to another contestant.

29.        Contestants, their family or associates who exhibit offensive behavior during any portion of the contest will disqualify that  
contestant from further competition. If the contestant, their family or associates exhibit offensive behavior after the contestant has
competed, and such behavior is on the Tropicana Laughlin property, even after the winners are announced, that contestants score
will be nullified. If the contestant whose score has been nullified is a winning contestant, the next contestant in scoring position for
that particular category shall be the winner. It will not be the responsibility of TALENT QUEST or any of its representatives to recover
any money or prize awarded a contestant who is later disqualified or found to be ineligible following the final event and decision of
the judges.

30.        TALENT QUEST will have present, during all phases of the National contest, a representative to answer a complaint  
concerning TALENT QUEST competitions. No TALENT QUEST representative shall answer a complaint concerning the outcome of a
judged event.

31.        Complaints, not made in person, concerning any breach of TALENT QUEST rules must be made in writing and sent by  
registered mail to: TALENT QUEST,
 3221 Greenbriar Terrace, Del City, OK 73115. A complaint must reach the TALENT QUEST office
no later than
November 30th, 2020 to be considered for action. Such complaint should include all relevant facts concerning such
complaint. If the complaint concerns the eligibility of a winning contestant the complaint must include relevant documents. Any
statements of fact are to be notarized, including statements by witnesses.

32.        Contest prize money will be paid immediately following the announcement of winners. Any complaint found to be valid  
concerning the disqualification of a winning contestant will not constitute a right of the contestant next in line to advance or receive
additional prize payment until the disqualified contestant has returned such money or prize awarded. It will not be the responsibility of
TALENT QUEST or any of its representatives to recover any money or prize awarded a contestant who is later disqualified or found to
be ineligible following the final event and decision of the judges.

33.        Prize money is as follows: 1st place in each category is 50% of category pot & Trophy, 2nd place 30% of category pot &
Trophy, 3rd place 20% of category pot & trophy, 4th place Trophy, 5th Place Trophy

34.        Sp
onsored prizes given out to 1st though 5th place as they become available

35.        Regional sites are required to supply winning contestants with travel allowance, International entry fee and hotel  
accommodations. It is not the responsibility of TALENT QUEST to furnish any contestant travel allowance or accommodations
regardless of any regional site not fulfilling its obligation to supply the winning contestants with travel allowance, entry fee or hotel

36.        All total scores will be posted on Talent Quest’s International webpage at within 2 weeks of the end of
International Contest. Those contestants wishing a complete breakdown of their score can send $5 per category and their
mailing address to: Talent Quest,
3221 Greenbriar Terrace, Del City, Oklahoma, 73115.  Request MUST be sent in by October 30th,