Rules and Regulations LOCAL LEVEL

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International Rules                                                    Regional Rules
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Rules and Regulations LOCAL LEVEL
become 21 years of age on or before September 10, 2018. Local, State and Federal laws supersede these rules where persons under
the age of 21 are prohibited to enter businesses or locations governed by Local, State or Federal laws.

2.       “ A contestant  who wins in their category at the National Level, Must sit out of that category for one year , but may enter a different

4.        Persons who entertain are allowed to compete as long as it is part-time income and that person does not belong to any
professional organization connected with the entertainment industry that would cause TALENT QUEST or any of TALENT QUEST'S
representatives’ to pay such contestant a fee or any other benefit for taking part in any TALENT QUEST event.

5.        Any person may enter the contest that belongs to an Organized Labor Union connected with the entertainment industry, as long
as that person is not disqualified by rule number 4.

6.        Contestants MAY NOT utilize live props. This will include back-up singers, dancers or animals. Non-human props such as
costumes and other accessories are permitted. Musical instruments may be used as props, but are not allowed as an
accompaniment to the contestants' performance. Such musical instruments must be hand carried. Larger instruments/ props that
utilize the aid of others to bring them on stage, or are difficult to handle will NOT be permitted. An example of this type of instrument is a
piano, harp, etc. Any prop used by a contestant must be carried on stage or into the stage area by the contestant, and must be
completed in one trip onto or into the stage area. The non-use of live props will include the passing of flowers or other items to anyone,
touching hands of an audience member or any other similar act.

7.        Contestants may use their own legally purchased discs or venues discs. It is the contestant’s responsibility to write the correct
number/track down for your song selection. If incorrect number/track is written down on your song card/slip points will be deducted
from your score. Points deducted will not exceed 3 points per judge.

8.        Song time limit is 4 1/2 minutes. Songs going over the 4 1/2 minute time limit will be cut off. Judges will be instructed to not to
deduct points due to a song being cut off.

9.        Contestants may sing the same song as another contestant.

10.        Songs containing vulgar or explicit sex lyrics will not be allowed. Contestants who, during their performance, use vulgar lyrics or
perform in an obscene manner will be disqualified from any TALENT QUEST competition.

11.        Contestants will sing one judged song. If at the end of the first judged song there is a tie, the contestants, who are tied for first
place only, will sing another judged song. Contestants are not allowed to repeat the song used for the first judged song. Should this
method not break the tie, the judges will collaborate between each other and decide a winner.

12.        A contestant may enter as many local level preliminary contests at different venues as desired in an attempt to qualify for a
regional level contest. Once a contestant has qualified for the local final contest of a venue, that contestant MAY NOT enter another
preliminary contest in that venue. Contestants may qualify for a regional in more than 1 category BUT can only win in 1 category.

13.        Contests are divided into three music categories: 1. Country   2.  Pop/Rock   3. Masters Category ( 50 years of age and over)

14.        COUNTRY is defined as songs that have CHARTED on a Country Music Chart either as a solo song or included in an album
that has Charted under a Country Chart.

15.        Pop/Rock is defined as any other Genre of Music .. ( not including Country) Rap and Urban music is not allowed . Examples of
Pop/Rock category are R&B, Broadway, Easy Listening etc.

16.        Master’s Category is for those 50 years of age and over and is an open genre singing category. In this category the Masters
may sing whatever genre of music not including Rap or Urban.

17.        Contestants, their family or associates are not allowed to have contact with a contest judge before or during any contest
connected with TALENT QUEST. Contact includes verbal conversations and handshakes. It is suggested that Club/Venue provide
judge badges to prevent contestants from approaching judges. This rule applies only before and during the time contestants are
performing. It is not reasonable to expect contestants; their family or associates from having contact with a judge directly after all
contestants have performed. Breaks for judges during a contest shall be considered the same as time during a contestant
performance and judges are off limits for conversation or any other contact.

18.        Contestants, their family or associates who exhibit offensive behavior during any portion of the contest will disqualify that
contestant from further competition. Offensive behavior includes poor sportsmanship, bad manners, and lack of decorum. If the
contestant, their family or associates exhibit offensive behavior after the contestant has competed, and such behavior is in the host
establishment, even after the winners are announced, that contestants score will be nullified. If the contestant whose score has been
nullified is a winning contestant, the next contestant in scoring position for that particular category shall be the winner.

19.        The order in which each contestant competes shall be determined by random drawing.

20.        Contestants will be scored using a 50 point system:
Vocal Ability (rhythm/pitch/phrasing) 1-30 points
Stage Presence (movement/confidence/command) 1-10 points
Appearance (costume/attire) 1-10 points  

21.           Exception to rule 15: A club/venue hosting a local contest may at their discretion choose to use the approved audience
participation method outlined in the local contest manual. Any club/venue using the approved audience method must post near the
area of competition, rules concerning audience participation. The audience participation method is NOT ALLOWED at a regional
22.        Decisions of the judges are final. No arguing with judges is allowed. Any contestant, their family or associates who argue with a
judge may be deemed to be using offensive behavior and the contestant may be disqualified from competition

23.        Clubs/Venues shall post in a conspicuous place, the final scores of all contestants of a local final competition. Scores during
the preliminary portion of a local contest may or may not be posted and is left to the digression of the club/venue. All contestants during
the preliminary portion of the contest are entitled to know their individual score only. Clubs/Venues are allowed to have contestants call
back or e-mail host for their preliminary scores.

24.        Complaints may be directed in a dignified manner to the contest host. If the host is unable to satisfy the complaint, the host will
furnish the complainant the proper address to lodge a formal complaint. Should the complaint need immediate assistance, such as
possible disqualification of a contestant, the host will furnish the proper telephone number to lodge a complaint.

25.        Clubs/Venues at the local level may, at their discretion, charge a contest entry fee. This fee may not exceed $25.00 per
contestant. A percentage of monies collected from entry fees shall go to pay contestant prizes or expenses. No more than 50% of
monies collected will go to the club/venue.

26.        Clubs/Venues may at their discretion charge a cover charge to any non-contestant attending a TALENT QUEST event.

27.        Clubs/Venues entered into TALENT QUEST may hold contest dates from a minimum of 1 contest day too as many as desired
between January 1, 2019 and July30, 2019. All local contest finals must be concluded no later than July 30, 2018 and the winners
information must be to TALENT QUEST no later than July 6, 2018.

28.        Any person who judges a T A L E N T  Q U E S T contest at any level of the contest is deemed ineligible to participate as a
contestant at any level  for that year.

29.        No KJ/KJ assistant/Club owner/Venue owner/Venue lessee/their family or any other individual connected directly with TALENT
QUEST or TALENT QUEST contest may enter at their local venue.

30.         No KJ/KJ assistant/ Club owner/Venue owner/Venue Lessee/their family or any other individual connected directly with a
TALENT QUEST contest regional site may enter at any local or regional level.

31.        FAMILY is defined as: Specific group of people that may be made up of partners, Children, Parents, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins or
Grand Parents

32.        Any KJ/KJ assistant/Club owner/Venue owner/Venue lessee/their family or any other individual connected directly with TALENT
QUEST, and not connected directly with the national event, may enter the TALENT QUEST national contest in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
through the self-sponsorship method as long as no other rule would prohibit the entry of such contestant.

33.        Winners from previous local and regional contests are allowed to compete in the 2019  TALENT QUEST events.

34.        A group of local clubs/venues may, at their discretion, choose to host only one of the four music categories. A club must make a
reasonable effort to send an equal compliment of male and female winners to a regional contest.

35.        Local clubs who are sending their final winners directly to the International Contest will be considered a Mid Level Contest and
are responsible for sending 1 Top Male and 1 Top Female contestant. This would include airfare/transportation cost to and from the
International Contest plus lodging at the Tropicana Casino in Laughlin, Nevada for the International Finals week. It is not the
responsibility of TALENT QUEST to furnish any contestant travel allowance or accommodations regardless of any club/venue not
fulfilling its obligation to supply the winning contestants with travel allowance, entry fee or hotel accommodations.

36.        Local venues not within a reasonable distance to a regional site may send their winning contestants directly to the  TALENT
QUEST International finals. A reasonable distance would be a 150-mile radius of a regional site. A venue electing to send contestants
directly to the International Finals is responsible for the contestant’s airfare/transportation to and from Las Vegas, Nevada and hotel
accommodations at the Tropicana Casino in Laughlin, Nevada. It is not the responsibility of TALENT QUEST to furnish any contestant
travel allowance or accommodations regardless of any club/venue not fulfilling its obligation to supply the winning contestants with
travel allowance, entry fee or hotel accommodations.

37.        Contest site definitions: Local sites are defined as the first level of competition, and are held primarily at Nightclubs, Karaoke
Bars and other such venues. Mid Level Contest sites are considered as a Second Level site and Regional sites are defined as the
Third level of the contest. Winners at local sites will advance to a Mid Level Site or/and a Regional site chosen by the contest
committee. Criteria for choosing a regional site will include, but not limited to, club size and proximity to other local sites. The
International site is the week long competition held at the Tropicana Casino in Laughlin, Nevada